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Welcome to Sizzle Street,

Inspired by flavors around the world SIZZLE STREET brings you the next level of Indian cuisine. From Curries to Pizza, and Pasta.

A combination of herbs and spices that enhance the flavor and aroma from the land of five rivers, Punjab. From father to son, we bring you the next generation of flavors from India infused with flavors around the world. We bring you SIZZLE STREET


Dip Spread

Our Story


Brothers Tirlochn and Paramjit Mand dreamed of bringing Punjabi cuisine to the United States. They started in 1992 after learning the ropes at their elder brother's restaurant. Despite their first restaurant failing, they didn't give up. They moved to Minnesota and opened India Palace in 2003, focusing on community engagement and delicious food. Their restaurant became a beloved spot, and they've since expanded their empire to ten locations across several states, sharing the flavors of Punjab with all who visit.

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